Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eric Rankin Shows Me A Good Time On The Town

Me and Eric Rankin took a trip down to the local shop to get some things for dinner. We were going to be making pizza so we headed on down to get some sauce and dough for the night of cooking.

Eric Rankin SEO

I say to Eric what's going on? And he tells me that he can't wait to eat pizza! I get so excited and we start out journey to pick out the perfect ingredients to make the dinner one to remember. I think that the store is right down the street but we end up walking for miles and miles until we finally reach it.

So there is me and Eric Rankin and we are having a nice day in the hot sun and the warm weather breathing down on us. I am waiting to hear about his marketing stories as we hold hands and start the trip.

The way we were having a conversation just wasn't working like it was before. We started walking and then all of a sudden he trips and falls! I couldn't believe it as I had not heard about his marketing stories yet and now he was laying on the ground.

The whole thing was pretty fun all in all and I don't regret going on the journey even though we never ate pizza. I had to focus on my work and couldn't hang around all day to hear about Eric Rankin SEO so I turned back and started to walk backwards.

It was pretty cool to walk backwards because I hadn't done it in a while even though I'm really good at it. I then took a break because it was so hot and I was getting so tired from listening to internet marketing stories and walking backwards that I had to sit down. Now that I rested for a while I am feeling a lot better!